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Municipality of Bjerkreim

Municipality of Bjerkreim

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Rogalandskart med Bjerkreim markert - Klikk for stort bildeThe municipality of Bjerkreim is situated in Rogaland County, in the southwest part of Norway. With its close proximity to Stavanger airport Sola (approx. 40 min.), Bjerkreim is very centrally located.

Nature has been generous in giving us many idyllic places, making Bjerkreim a good place to live. We live in a countryside environment, but are close to Stavanger – only 50 km. One of the most important salmon rivers in Norway is situated here; check this web site.

There are only 2.800 inhabitants in Bjerkreim, and they have 580 square kilometres at their disposition! The most important livelihoods are agriculture and small-scale industry.

Bjerkreim is a safe and good place to bring up children, close to nature and wildlife. We have 2 primary schools and 3 kindergartens.

Bjerkreim local council is the authority's highest political committee and has 17 representatives. The executive committee has 7 members, who also make up the authority's planning and economical committee. The mayor leads both the local council and the executive committee.

For further information, please contact Bjerkreim kommune, pb 17, N-4384 Vikeså, Norway. Tel no +47 51 20 11 00.