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COVID-test for travels

COVID-test for travels

Citizens of Bjerkreim who need Covid-test for the purpose of travelling abroad, must consult appropriate web sources to identify what test and documentation that is needed. Bjerkreim kommune can not give advice on this matter.

Relevant sources are: and

Bear in mind that you should plan your travel itinerary in a way that minimizes the need for several tests, or testing in week-ends.

In Bjerkreim, tests for travel purpose is performed on week-days. Tests must be booked using If you are unable to book via this web page, you can call Bjerkreim legekontor at 51 20 43 30 between 0900 and 1200. We have antigen rapid tests and PCR tests. The antigen test results are available within 60 minutes. The PCR test results will normally be available via HelseNorge within 24 hours. If you need a paper print of the test result from Bjerkreim legekontor, please note that Bjerkreim legekontor is open Monday-Friday from 08-15. A print costs 100 NOK. We do not take any responsibility for problems concerning lack of test results etc.

If you need to have a covid test on Saturday og Sunday for travel purpose, try searching for "covid test Rogaland". Or try:


OPPDATATERT 12.07.2021:
Gratis hurtigtest i Sandnes i helger - for personar utan symptom som treng dokumentasjon til koronasertifikat. Les meir på


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